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With more than 7 years of experience in email marketing and web development, we have come to the conclusion that it is all about building products that connect and create strong communities.

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In this case, one of our current clients: GuruHotel has an open rate of more than 30% for more than 20 months. We are currently applying a strategy that we have developed and we have increased the number of leads in the company and opening percentages of 80% with a response of 35% on revenue for B2B clients. We know that it is not just about percentages, for us the connection we build with our audiences, long-term loyalty and stable clients who fall in love with the brand are very important and our main focus in every campaing.

100% of our clients saw at least a 2X increase in their email revenue after the first month of working with us.

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I am Ana Isabel, I currently live in Bulgaria and in the last 10 years I have lived around the world. I love, I absolutely love connecting with communities through email marketing. It is the perfect place where I can combine my experience, passion and knowledge. My goal is that audiences fall in love with my clients in such a way that the relationship that is created is a long-term relationship in which we maintain a high open percentage and a positive client-company relationship. What I have noticed in recent years is that companies do not know how much money they are losing by not using their databases correctly. We combine strategic marketing + graphic design + copywriting + branding strategies + love + statistical analysis + psychology and sociology in each email and strategies that we put together. Do you want to learn how to increase your revenue up to 30%? let's talk.

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