From the beginning of our careers we knew that teamwork was our thing. Anabel is the strategic head of the team and Luben is the creative part. With our skills in marketing and graphic design we have managed to connect deeply and positively with our clients.

After traveling to more than 35 countries, Anabel decided to specialize in marketing and focus her career on email marketing (her great passion). Luben is an illustrator and creative from the University of South Wales in England, he is constantly updating his knowledge and skills in email marketing technology and web design.

We both combine our skills and passions to create quality products. We both worked in the area of ​​email marketing and web development for four consecutive years, and separately 8 years of experience.

We live in the Balkans in Bulgaria, we love this country and from here we have worked for clients in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Spain and others.

Sofi, our daughter is our new little member of the team, who with her smiles fills us with inspiration to do the best possible every day in our work.

We are disciplined, structured in our agenda, authentic in our work and we really care about listening to our customers, in order to achieve an optimal product.

Anabel Rincón

Marketing Specialist

ENEB Business School Barcelona

Lyuben Petrov


University of South Wales